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Four Symptoms of an Unhealthy Marriage

The health of a marriage depends on how a couple deals with their marital conflicts. In reality, every married couple deals with conflicts here and there and the presence of a conflict doesn’t indicate that the marriage is an unhealthy one. Rather the presence of the following four ways of dealing with conflicts may show that the marriage is an unhealthy one:

Exchanging disrespectful words; (name calling); Continue reading Four Symptoms of an Unhealthy Marriage

Worth Living With Him?

A4P Guest: I have one short quick question; I have no love for my husband. Is it worth living with him without me having any feeling for him?

A4P: My friend, the Bible never says, “If you love your husband, live with him; but if you don’t feel any love towards him, it is not worth living with him; divorce him.” Continue reading

Wow! It is true that – – –

Look Up

It is easy to teach or sit and listen to the message of biblical sexual purity. But living out the message is a completely different ball game. Taking into consideration our own natural sinful bend and all the hidden and unexpected curves and turns of life, we sometimes get tempted to say, “Forget it! This is not for me; maybe it is written only for few but not for me.”

But the Word of God is given to us who are “new creatures” in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17); to us who are sharing God’s divine nature (2 Peter 1:3-4), to us who are the temples of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19). Continue reading Wow! It is true that – – –

Pursuing Purity as a Team

I usually check our mailbox at the end of the day. I bring all those mails (including junk mails) and put them in the kitchen island table. I always look through them to see if I have any mail and leave the rest for the rest of the Banko’s to check and take theirs.

I love those magazines which always come with the mail with 15% and 25% off coupons. I clip those coupons and put them in my purse to use them if and when I stop by at the mall. I sometimes do my “window shopping” in my kitchen flipping through those magazines. I sometimes don’t find time to see them all; so I put them aside for later time.

Then one day, while we were preparing to eat dinner, my Berhan (my husband) collected all those magazines and handed them to me and said, “Missy, it is okay for you to look through these magazines but not for us men including my boys. We struggle to bounce back our eyes from the lingerie sections. Our nature is completely different from yours. Can you help us so that we won’t be tempted in our own home? Can you put those magazines in the trash before we get to them?” Continue reading Pursuing Purity as a Team

Do You Watch PG-13 Movies?

A4P Guest: Do you watch PG-13 movies? I ask because I read your reply to one of the comments on your post a couple days ago. I thought you don’t watch movies, do you?

A4P: I do watch movies. The title of the movie I last watched is “War Room.” If you didn’t watch that movie yet, do yourself a favor and watch it. If you are married, it is even better to watch it with your wife.

Do I watch movies? I do but only those movies I believe won’t defile my soul, mind and heart. After I made countless mistakes, I learned not to just get up and go to a movie theater.

Whether a movie is rated PG-13 or PG-4 (not that there is PG-4 rating), I won’t watch it until I check the content of the movie from the people who watch it for me. I said, “People who watch it for me” because that is their ministry; to watch a movie and see if it is appropriate for viewers like you and I. Their ministry is called And guess who owned this ministry? Of course, Focus on the Family. Continue reading Do You Watch PG-13 Movies?


A4P Guest: I have a question. Is phone -sex recommended for Christian husband and wife?

A4P: What is “phone-sex?” The phrase itself is counterintuitive and I will tell you why.

Sex is the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional union and oneness of a husband and a wife. This union includes the presence of God who is the only source of sexual pleasure (assuming that both of them are the temples of the Holy Spirit). In view of these two points (and more), the word “phone-sex” is counterintuitive. Continue reading Phone-Sex?

It is always wonderful to meet good people!

Mr & Mrs Rawlins 11 01 2015

I don’t know if I’ve ever told you the whole story how I ended up being an author of a book. Well, it is a long story but in short, after I found a Christian publisher willing to publish my book, I had to find someone who could help me out with the money the publisher had asked up front.

After they read my proposal letter I wrote to the publisher, one beautiful couple stepped up to the plate and said, “We will lend her all the money she needs because we read her proposal letter and the manuscript and we believe that the message she is trying to communicate is timely and very much needed now at this time and we believe in her dream and vision.” (Manuscript means a book before it is published). Continue reading It is always wonderful to meet good people!

First day of a Brand New Year for A4P!

What a wonderful anniversary day we had yesterday!

Thank you so much everybody for celebrating the Appeal for Purity’s two year anniversary day with me. I savored every moment of it.  I read all your nice comments.  I appreciate each one of you.

If you live in American don’t forget to “fall back” by dialing your clock back one hour. Daylight saving time ends today; and we gain back our one hour we lost few months ago. Arizona and few other states don’t “fall back.” I’m glad I’m living in Maryland because I love falling back one hour. I mean we are talking about extra 60 minutes here. You can’t beat that!
Continue reading First day of a Brand New Year for A4P!

Happy Two Year Anniversary to Appeal for Purity!

You have no idea how excited I’m right now. Yes, God is faithful to seeing me through the thick and thin of life these past two years. There were not easy times by no means but they were wonderful and fulfilling. Wow! Two years have gone by just like that! Time indeed flies, doesn’t it?

May the Name of Jesus Christ be praised forever! Well, guys, thank you for hanging out with me and thank you for all your support, encouragement and love.

I’m asking everyone who is benefiting from this ministry to support this ministry in every way  you can so that the message of this ministry will reach the end of the earth.  The rest of my message is on the video.

Again, happy two year anniversary to Appeal for Purity.

BTW, our website domain is not only .org but also .com and .net. (Make sure you check out our website.)

Have a blessed Saturday to all of you! ///

P. S. The English version of the above video will be uploaded soon!