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I Care for Him

A4P Guest: I am 23 years old. I go to a church where most of my high school and college friends go to. I had a crush on this guy that I went to high school and college with and now we both are graduating this year. And I, indirectly, let him know of my feeling about him and he directly said, “Now is the time for me to focus on my finals. Then after graduation, try to get a good paying job. After I find a good job, I will think about dating and all that stuff.” I believed him when he said d that to me but within a month or so I began seeing him with this girl I know and I have no doubt that they are dating. The thing I really want to ask him why he lied to me and tell him directly that I have a feeling for him but I’m sacred. Do you think it is a good idea? Continue reading I Care for Him

Let Them Marry Him

A4P Guest: Missy, please don’t be hard on me but let me ask you a quick question.

A4P: Sure, go ahead and ask and I try my best not to be hard on you as long as you’re not here to ask me one of those, “A guy I’m dating doesn’t care for my emotion. He lusts after every girl who passes him by but I know that he is mine because God spoke to me through different prophets and I love him very much. Do you think God will change him if I pray hard,” kind of questions. Continue reading Let Them Marry Him

“But You Loved Me Anyway”

Sitting in the dark room, in the middle of the night, he began sweating as if he ran five miles. The question which kept on coming in his mind was, “How did I end up here?”

He grew up in the church. He knows more Bible verses than anybody else. Growing up, he was considered as one of the spiritual young men who could take the next pastoral position in the church. Even as a young lad, some people used to come and ask him to pray for them. Continue reading “But You Loved Me Anyway”