Which Deal Did You Close Today?

When I shop for something, I look for a good deal. I am not that good at finding the best deal though; my kids do a much better job in that regard. I don’t know if I’m technologically challenged or something, they always end up saying, “Mom, why did you go to their shop? They have the best deal on their online shop?
Oh, well, I still believe in going to a shop, on my feet, seeing the item on my naked eyes. Remember? I’m not a millennial.

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Do You Have Anything To Say

A4P Guest: Hi Missy, I’m a third year electrical engineering student (22 year old male) in one of the universities here in Ethiopia. I’m one of the Christian fellowship leaders in campus. And it is amazing how many people, regardless of their religion, use porn as a recreation. If you ask me to give you an approximation as to how many people, I will say 98% of people. Even in our Christian group, it is a very common thing.

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“It Must Be God!”

I wanted to cook something good for my family yesterday. You know that I was away from home for few days and they didn’t really complain about it. So, I wanted to reward them with a good dinner.

Did I ever tell you that cooking is not my number one favorite thing in life? Well it’s not. I serve my family hoping that I will be rewarded for it in heaven. I’m not kidding! I don’t appreciate any part of the kitchen work. But hey, I do it anyways and I train myself every day to enjoy it with the help and encouragement of my loving husband. (BTW, I have a reason why I don’t like cooking and I will tell you about it some other time.)

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“I love Tango dance? What else do you love?”

There was some commotion on this page on Monday because of the post, “It Takes Two To Tango.”
Some people were irritated by my statement of “Have you ever seen a tango dance/performance? It is just beautiful, isn’t it?” and asked “I love tango dance? What else do you love?”
And all those people who have expressed their grief over that statement are from Ethiopia and none of them seemed to care about the main topic, which was marriage.

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Purity for the brave hearted!