The Conference is Over and I’m already missing many people


The Melbourne, Australia’s conference is officially over.

I had a wonderful time. Let me tell you something. This conference is one of a kind! It is exceptional in many ways! I have that sense of accomplishment which is a rare feeling I get after a conference. This is a ten-day conference. So, I felt fulfilled. Praise God! Continue reading The Conference is Over and I’m already missing many people

Had a Wonderful time with the Ladies Yesterday


You have no idea how much I enjoyed the time I had with the young girls yesterday here in Melbourne.
All the beautiful girls you see on the picture, except me and the girl at the right hand corner, are singles, age 18 to 27.
My first opening statement was this: “We girls are made up of sweet, spice and everything nice.”

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Beautiful Comment

This morning, I found this comment on my YouTube video, “Looking for a spiritual man to marry:”
“I can relate to the woman who wrote you that letter. The last 3 women I dated cured my loneliness but didn’t make me happy. One was Catholic the next claimed she was a Christian but she supported the lgbt and the last wasn’t a Christian at all. I’m going to be single forever unless the next woman I decide to have a relationship with is a God fearing Bible believing born again woman.”
Don’t you love seeing/hearing this kind of determination from a young man! I love it! (The man learned from his mistakes.) 

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Let’s Watch Our Steps

(Below, you find the Facebook status post of one of the Appeal for Purity Team members, he is a single man. I read his post and I was blessed by it and I asked his permission to share it with you all. So, here it is.)
Let’s Watch Our Steps!
Yesterday evening, I heard a knock on my door. At first, I was like, “Who could that be at this hour?” Like seriously, it was dark outside with no light whatsoever.
I called out, “Who is it?”
“I’m one of the female tenants.”
I thought to myself, “What is going on here…” as I walked to the door. I opened the door to see what was up and it turned out that this girl who happened to live in the same building I live in wanted to ask me about something. I didn’t open the door fully but just enough to stick my head out. I felt very uncomfortable a minute after I opened the door. (In general, I feel extremely uncomfortable having a woman at my place.)

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It Cannot Give You What It Does Not Have

Porn cannot give you anything because it has NOTHING to give.
Rather, porn takes from you every precious and God-given treasure you have. It takes them one by one until you have NOTHING left.
“What kind of treasure?”
Prayer, thirst and hunger for the things of God, self-control, peace, joy, rest, good and restful sleep, love, patience, ability to focus, think and reason, on and on and on, including your precious God-given sexual desire.
“What? Sexual desire? I go to porn because of my sexual desire. It doesn’t take it away; it fixes it, does it not?”
Well, from the outside, it looks like you go to porn because of your sexual desire but the truth is, you go to porn because of your wounded soul; a soul that cries out for authentic and genuine intimacy with its Creator as well as human beings.

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Talk to Your Kids About How “Every Life Matters”

May our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, comfort families and friends of those who lost their lives in Louisiana, Minnesota and Dallas.

If you have kids, please talk to them about the news. Don’t think that your kids don’t need to know about this or don’t have any idea about what’s going on.

My husband was telling me on the phone how he decided to do our family Saturday Bible study on this very topic. Continue reading Talk to Your Kids About How “Every Life Matters”

Purity for the brave hearted!