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Don’t Get Married While Drunk

A4P Guest: I’m going to get married next month!
A4P: Wow! Congratulations!
A4P Guest: I’m 27 and I’m a born-again Christian. My man, the one I can’t wait to marry, is a born-again Christian too. He plays bass for our church choir. Missy, I have never seen in my life a handsome man like him. He is beautiful in and out. His biblical understanding is just amazing. I am his first and he is my first too. He is very kind and honest man.   

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It Is Complicated!

Sex is beautiful, pleasurable, messy, yucky, sacred, holy, breathtaking, mysterious, confusing, refreshing, frustrating, fun, fulfilling, rejuvenating, exciting, thrilling and exhilarating! (Song of Solomon)
Do you see how complicated sex is?
It is not the way Hollywood movies, Fifty Shades of Gray or Darker or porn industries are portraying it as on screen. It is not.

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One Extra Empty Chair

We started having a family Bible study on Thursday nights when our youngest son was two or three years old. Then when our kids got a little older, we changed the day from Thursday to Saturday. So, if we all are in town, we always do our family Bible study on Saturday morning with a tasty breakfast which is my second favorite part of our Bible study. Why? Well, I no more cook on Saturdays. The rest of the Banko’s do. Is that a blessing or what! Continue reading One Extra Empty Chair