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Let Your Adult Child Leave Your Home

Disclaimer: When it comes to raising kids, I first have to say this: I am not yet graduated from this school called “raising kids.” My husband and I still have two kids at home. So, when I give this advice to parents of older children, I don’t consider myself as an expert in the field. I am still walking through it as I write this.

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A Medicine For Loneliness

A4P Guest: Hi Missy, How are you doing? I want to ask you about a recent issue I’ve been dealing with. Long story short, there is this man I know from my church. He recently asked me for a relationship. I told him that I needed time to think before I give him a yes or no answer. Then we started hanging out just for a cup of tea because I thought that would help me to know him better. People from my church (my spiritual fathers) encouraged me to move with it (to accept his request). As far as I have noticed in this few weeks, he’s a good man and he always tries to take care of me. I haven’t seen anything wrong in his personality.

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