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Cuddle Hormone

Yeap! They call it cuddle hormone. It is Oxytocin. It has multiple and complicated functions in our body but mainly it helps us to bond and make us “relatable” creatures. It mainly bonds mothers to their babies. It also helps to intensify bonding memories, but both good and bad memories.

It is primarily because of this hormone that we should run away from our ex-boy/girlfriend once we’re married. Otherwise those “love-again” stories may occur like lightening without any warnings because of the good memories oxytocin kept in our memory bank. Make note of that! Continue reading Cuddle Hormone

Don’t Get Married While Drunk

A4P Guest: I’m going to get married next month!
A4P: Wow! Congratulations!
A4P Guest: I’m 27 and I’m a born-again Christian. My man, the one I can’t wait to marry, is a born-again Christian too. He plays bass for our church choir. Missy, I have never seen in my life a handsome man like him. He is beautiful in and out. His biblical understanding is just amazing. I am his first and he is my first too. He is very kind and honest man.   

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