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“For the Man the King Delights to Honor”

You know, as a teacher of sexual purity and marriage, I so far talked to many young people from all walks of life regarding dating, sex and marriage and this is the common comment I get: “I love your teaching and the way you explain it but honestly speaking, nobody is living to the standard of God’s word. I mean, look no further. Look in your church. Who will wait until marriage these days? Whether a person is a son or daughter of a pastor, or she/he is a pastor themselves, they don’t wait for marriage. So, don’t you get discouraged to still speak about sexual purity, virginity and all that?” Continue reading “For the Man the King Delights to Honor”

❤️💕💗 Hooray!

I am still in my bed🙈! 

Excited to go downstairs 💗❤️💕😍😘 and find all my balloons and dark chocolates! 

You know what I’m thinking now: what if my hubby forgets? 

😡, if he does, you will hear soon what happens next 🤯☹️😩 no he won’t forget! 

Well, in the meantime, let me say Happy Valentine’s Day! 

For those who don’t like this Valentines thingy, happy Thursday! 

For those who have questions for me why I celebrate this day, please click the following link and read: 

“Evangelical TV Program on Valentine’s Day”

Have a blessed day! 

Yes, whatever you do, do it with charity! ///

Let Your Adult Child Leave Your Home

Disclaimer: When it comes to raising kids, I first have to say this: I am not yet graduated from this school called “raising kids.” My husband and I still have two kids at home. So, when I give this advice to parents of older children, I don’t consider myself as an expert in the field. I am still walking through it as I write this.

Continue reading Let Your Adult Child Leave Your Home