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“He Avoids the Topic of Marriage”

A4P Guest: I’m a 36 year-old woman and I’ve been dating a man (38 years old) for a couple years now. We both are born again Christians. This year, I was expecting him to propose to me but he doesn’t even talk about marriage at all. I told him in several occasions how much I desire to get married. But he usually changes the subject and avoids it totally. What do you advise me to do?

A4P: I have few questions for you before I jump into answering your questions. So, what do you mean when you say you are dating a man? How do you define dating? How does dating look like in your relationship? Continue reading “He Avoids the Topic of Marriage”

Her Flawless Total Naked Body

“What is so special about this girl that I keep on being drawn to her?” was the question he asked himself after he tried to call her for the third time in one day.

“Is she ignoring my call? Is she not interested to talk to me?” He didn’t like the fact that he was on the other side of the equation, the one who was being ignored.

He said to himself, “Whatever! She’s a girl; she will call me back. Let me ignore her.” But the truth of the matter was he noticed something in her that he hasn’t seen in any other girl. And he knew that she wouldn’t call him if he didn’t keep trying. Continue reading Her Flawless Total Naked Body

No One Who Touches Her

He was not going to church as often as he used to. He had good fellowship with some Christian friends but he kind of caught up with busy life and felt estranged from them and the things of God.

Then little by little, his prayer-time turned from one hour to five minutes. He knows that he is a good looking guy who attracts any woman in his vicinity. At times he blamed his look for finding himself in bed with a number of women he didn’t even know their full names. He swore to God and himself never to have sex with a woman before marriage but he didn’t seem to be able to stick it out. Continue reading No One Who Touches Her

After Breakup

A4P Guest: Hi Missy, I am writing to ask you some advice on breakup/end of a relationship. When a relationship ends, it is usually accompanied with hurt and pain . Even if we know for sure that the relationship has to end for the good of both parties, coming to terms with the end is usually devastating due to the attachment that was developed. This can also apply for friendships and relationships in the broader term. My question is: when we are heartbroken and deeply hurt about the end of a relationship, what are some tips to move on, to let go, and to move forward? What practical things can one do to heal from the end of a relationship? Thank you for your time and answer. Continue reading After Breakup