He Called It Quits!

I counseled a pretty young lady today.
You have no idea how much I thank God whenever He gives me ample opportunities to invest in the lives of young people, especially, in the lives of young ladies.

(By the way, the girl I counseled today gave me permission to talk about her here. So, relax and read along.)
So, this young lady was dating a guy for a while. She was even thinking of marrying him. Then the guy recently decided to call it quits.
I know! Very sad!
She tried to talk to him but nothing worked.
After talking to her for hours, I couldn’t find in her any character flaws that might have pushed the guy away from her. I mean, I am not saying the girl is perfect but from my point of view, I feel like she is as perfect as a girl can get.
At this point, you may ask, like me: “Then what must have happened for a guy to walk away?”
After hours of discussion I found out that she was in love with the guy but he was not in love with her .  And she knew this fact all along. Her best friends told her that she was wasting her time with him.
So, I asked her, “Wow! So, what were you thinking when you dated the guy who didn’t love you for two full years?”
She replied, “Since I loved him so much, I thought, my love would win him over and make him love me.”
I was totally speechless. I said, “What? What sort of thinking is that? Not to judge you or anything but where did you get this kind of thinking? You seem wise but where is this foolishness coming from?”
She kept silent and took her phone out and said, “May I text you one picture?”
I said, “Sure!”
And she did and that is the picture I am sharing with you on this post:
“God watching you fall in love with somebody He’s gonna use to hurt you for character development.”
I stared at the quote and said, “Okay, you need sometime to process this whole thing. But when you are in a position to think right, I want you to write the lessons God taught you through this particular relationship and breakup.”
And I paused for a minute and said, “And I hope and pray that this is one of the lessons you’ve learned: As a woman, date a man who loves you, not the other way around.”
🤔 – date a man who loves you, not the other way around?
Why did I say that? What do you think is my reason or intention for saying that? What if a girl doesn’t love the man, can she still date him because he loves her?
What do you think? ///