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Touch Your Wife’s Heart Before

Don’t you sometimes, secretly, wish if the Book of Ephesians chapter 5 goes up to verse 34 and says something like:

“Husbands, when your wives come to you with a problem, don’t try to SOLVE your wives’ problem unless they specifically ask you to solve it. Just LISTEN to their heart.” Continue reading Touch Your Wife’s Heart Before

Very Merry Christmas!

From my funny and goofy family to you!
What a day!


This family of mine, let me tell you, I love these beautiful people!

For those of you who don’t know us, the beautiful girl you see sitting in the middle is my only daughter, Lydia Banko (19), then from right to left, my honey bun, the man I am madly in love with, Berhan Banko (my husband), then my little one, Biruk Banko (17), then my older son, Abel Banko (21). Then poor me, Missy Banko.

Don’t miss the special message of my only daughter in the video. ///