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A Husband Or A Caregiver?

A4P Guest: I’m 27 years old. I’ve been seeing a man, 30 year old, since last year. I love him very much and we both are convinced that we are meant for each other. He is an introvert and I am an extrovert, if you know what I mean. We both know and accept our differences but my family, especially my mom, doesn’t like his quietness and reserved personality. I tried to explain to her that he is always like that but she keeps saying, “He must be hiding something.”

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I feel Stuck!

A4P Guest: I’m 28 years old and I got married a year ago. My husband is a nice person. I decided to marry him because I thought I was attracted to him but to my nightmare, I now realized that I was only attracted to his spiritual life, not to him. He used to tell me about God, the word of God and what God had done in and through him when we were dating. It was my joy to see him on stage. He is a solo singer and he also leads worship. He is loved and adored by everybody in our church. When he leads worship, Missy, the whole congregation gets lost in the worship. I was very excited when he asked me out because he was the dream man of many of my single friends and mine too. I now come to know that I am in love with the man on stage, not off the stage. I don’t know if you understand what I am saying. I still love to see him on stage, leading worship and everything but other than that, I am totally not attracted to him, especially sexually. Whenever he approaches me to kiss me and everything, I get dis – – – because there is nothing in him that draws me close to him. No chemistry! Every interaction with him feels like chores. And on the other hand, he doesn’t have that much spiritual life outside the church. He doesn’t pray that much. I thought he would help me to grow in the Lord. I am now the one to remind him to pray. I feel stuck!!!! What do I need to do? Continue reading I feel Stuck!

To Newly Married Couples

You know, I am now in a place where I am surrounded by so many people. While I am trying to interact with others, one thought keeps coming into my mind. This is not the first time this particular thought came to my mind. So while people here (I assume) are thinking that I’m texting someone, let me quickly leave this two cents worth of advice to newly young married couples.

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