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“For the sake of my kids!”

A4P Guest: Thank you for your recent YouTube video message. I have a question. I am married and have two kids (10 and 12). My husband and I, both of us are Christians, gave up on our marriage a long time ago, probably a couple years ago. He is sleeping in a different bedroom all these two years. So, as you can imagine, we have no communication whatsoever, I mean, healthy way like a husband and a wife. We always argue when it comes to picking up and dropping off kids at their school and activities. If you ask me why I am living with him, I will say, “For the sake of my kids!” I don’t want my kids to live without a father or a mother. So, even if we sleep in separate bedrooms, at least they see us both in the same house every day. Some people are advising me to divorce him because they see no benefit with my decision to stay with him. What do you say? Is divorce better, especially for my kids?

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Heads Up To All Married Couples

This season is not the season to file a divorce!

You may ask, “Then what is a good season to file a divorce?”

There is no right or good season to file a divorce because divorce does not solve anything.
What I am trying to say is this: Usually right after summer season, most people get very emotional and get totally depressed. Because of that, those minor marital issues they thought were okay to ignore all of a sudden become so huge for them during this time that they want to file a divorce.

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Marriage Is God’s Agenda

A4P Guest: I got married a couple years ago. My husband and I are Christians. My husband is a nice man and everything. I was in love with him but these days, I don’t feel any attraction towards him and it is bothering me. I don’t like to come home from work so I won’t be alone with him. Would you please help me?

A4P: Were you in love with him when you married him?

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