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My Mother-In-Law

A4P Guest: I’m married and have a one-year old son. I used to consider myself blessed to have the most peaceful marriage ever until my husband’s mother came from Ethiopia a year ago to help us with our first child.
A4P: What happened?
A4P Guest: My mother-in-law is a Christian, she loves God, prays a lot and all. But she pretty much wants to be the woman of the house. She criticizes my cooking, the way I handle my son and more. Her intention might be good but her action irritates me so much that I sometimes lock myself up in my bedroom for the whole day. I feel like leaving or ask her to leave the house.
A4P: Did you talk to your husband about this?

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From the Banko’s To You!

Merry Christmas! 
What a wonderful Christmas Day and what a blessing it is to laugh, sing and worship God with this beautiful people! Praise God. I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas too.  
Oops! Forgot to introduce my family to those of you who are meeting them on this page for the first time: My hubby, Berhan T. Banko is the cameraman, and our children are Abel Banko (22), Lydia Banko (20) and Biruk Banko (18) and poor me, Missy. ///