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Wait On Him

When it comes to waiting on God, it seems unfair for how long God wants us to wait. It is not like we don’t pray enough or anything, but it feels like our prayers don’t make it to God passing through the ceiling.
When we wait on God, I believe it is not the length of time we wait on God that matters the most but in what kind of condition we choose to wait on Him.

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Better to be Single

It is wonderful to see couples tying the knot to be one, never to be two.

As a married person and a teacher in the area of sexual purity, I can’t tell you how I rejoice whenever I see a wedding.

Yes, the Bible says that marriage protects us from being soaked in sexual immorality (1 Corinthians 7). What a joy then to see someone escaping such a “ruthless tyrant,” sexual immorality!

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How To Deal With A Shy Man

A4P Guest: I am 25 years old and one of the more active members in our church. I am involved at least in two ministries and I think I consider my Christian walk with Christ good and healthy.

A4P: Good. So, what is your question for me?

A4P Guest: Okay, so, there is this guy in my church. He too serves in the church and we usually work together. I am very much attracted to him and I think, he is attracted to me. The problem is, I think, he is shy. I mean, what do you do with shy men? Continue reading How To Deal With A Shy Man

Thinks About Sex Every Four Minutes

I am sure by now you know that I have a beautiful cat named Kimmem (means, spice). By the way, this cat belongs to my only daughter, Lydia. I am just a care-giver and when money is needed to buy anything for Kimmem, I am the bank Lydia comes to – if you know what I mean.

So, yesterday was Kimmem’s first doctor’s appointment and she received two shots for rabies and for something else, I forgot.

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