All You Need is a Brain That Works

A4P Guest: I’m 32 years old and my finance is 28. We both are born-again Christians, I think (I mean, I am sure about myself). We are getting married after three weeks. Everything is set to go. But I am thinking of backing out from it all but I want to make sure that I am doing the right thing.
A4P: I’m so sorry that you are thinking to back out from it. What is going on?
A4P Guest: I don’t trust my wife-to-be?

A4P: What do you mean you don’t trust her? Why did you decide to come with her this far if you don’t trust her?
A4P Guest: I gave her all my heart, I trusted her with my life and I loved her more than I ever loved a woman; but she broke my trust yesterday.
A4P: What did she do?
A4P Guest: I found one text on her phone and that text destroyed my whole plan.
A4P: Is it okay if you copy and paste the text here?
A4P Guest: Sure! Let me copy and paste the last ones:
“ABC(a man): If you get married, does it mean I can’t have you anymore?
XYZ (her): LOL! What are you talking about? You know why I want to marry this fool. Once I get to the US, you know what I’m going to do. Let’s meet up today at 8pm.”
Missy, I got here from the US four days ago for the wedding. I saw all her text messages yesterday while we were eating lunch in a restaurant. When she went to a restroom, I picked up her phone to see the picture on her phone and just when I picked up her phone, the guy replied to her saying, “How can we see each other? I thought he’s already here, isn’t he?“
And I followed that and found all the text messages, including all inappropriate pictures she exchanged with him. By the time I read the last text, she came and snatched the phone from my hand and walked out of the restaurant. And within half an hour, her mom called but I didn’t answer my phone.
A4P: From what you wrote me, I don’t think you need anybody to weigh in to this. You don’t even need to ask God what you are supposed to do next either. All you need is a brain that works properly and your own brain should tell you what to do next.
But since you came to me, this is what I believe you need to do: Pack up your stuff and go back to where you came from. “When?” Now! And try to rebuild your life from scratch, and please look for a wife in the area you live. ///