The GAME! contd.

Okay, so far, here are the players who are going to take part in the competition called “the Esther’s Kind of Modesty”:

Hanna Assefa
Hilina Terrefe
Shewiit Gual Gebremedhin
Bethlehem Solomon

Thank you girls for signing up! I wish you all the best!

If you are interested to take part in this game, you can sign in by dropping your “I’m in!” comment on this post.

Who can sign in for the game? All single girls age 18 up to 38.

Lots of questions have already been dropped off in my inbox. So, I will try to answer them all here.

The girls who are going to be in the competition will drop their pictures in the A4P Facebook inbox when they are asked to.

Their pictures have to have the following themes:

1. Wedding dinner outfit
2. Church outfit
3. Behind the pulpit outfit (let’s say if they have to do solo, preach or give testimony)
4. Work outfit (not uniform)
5. And last but not least, vacation spirit kind of outfit

That means they have to send in five different pictures. All pictures have to be taken in the month of October 2014. If they want to send black and white picture, they have to send color picture of the same picture. Otherwise, all pictures have to be in color.

On the above five themes, their modesty style will be measured. There will be some kind of interview for the last two contestants to find one WINNER! The last two winners might be asked to send in two minutes long video answering one question and that question will be official when we get there.

There will be specific rules as to what kind of clothes or style will or will not be acceptable. But to mention a few, clothes which are torn or have a chain hanging on them, something written on them are not acceptable; make up is very much accepted as long as it brings out her beauty naturally (without destroying her face). No artificial hair and no piercing of the nose.

The winner will be awarded money! And I ask everybody to donate money towards to this honorable cause via A4P official website ( I ask a minimum of $5 to $10 but I encourage you to donate generously; and all the money collected, to the penny, goes to the winner!

Preaching and teaching are good ways to teach girls about modesty but preaching and teaching are not the only ways. We can make the message of modesty fun too so that young girls will find the message of modesty easy to embrace; not only to embrace but also to see the message being expressed practically! Some girls simply don’t know how to look beautiful without looking seductive.

I’m telling you, I was one of those girls and I’m still learning from others to look beautiful without being seductive! It is a challenging thing to do today since it is hard to find clothes which are beautiful and descent.

Anyways, the picture of the winner of ” The Esther’s Kind of Modesty” competition will be the cover page of the Appeal for Purity Facebook page for one full month!

Of course she will receive all the money which is coming in to this cause. Appeal for Purity (A4P) will also donate to this honorable cause. The total amount of money which is going to be donated and the amount A4P is going to donate, is going to be official after the end of the signing day; which is next week Thursday, October 17, 2014.

So, sign in before Oct. 17. I don’t accept any applicant after Oct 17.

I’m in need of judges. I so far have five judges. That is excellent! I still need two single girls who are going to be judges (but these girls can’t take part in the competition); and I am also looking for one married man who can be a judge.

So, please take part in this. If you want to be one of the judges, let me know; drop me your message in my inbox. If you want to sign in to be in the competition, drop your “I’m in!” comment on this post.

If you are single between the age of 18 to 38, I encourage you to take part in the competition. If you are not single or if you are a man, encourage girls you know to take part in this. ///