Relationship on Facebook

A4P Guest: I am in love with a man on Facebook. I began to chat with him like six months ago after he posted one spiritual picture. I asked him where he found it and the rest is history. Now, I can’t go to bed without chatting with him. I know that he is a real born again Christian who loves Jesus Christ. He is the kind of man I always dream to have. He understands me a lot. I sometimes spend five to six hours chatting with him. Now I want to spend the rest of my life with him. And I want to marry him but for some reason I have this “butterfly” feeling in my stomach and I don’t know what that is. Can help me?

A4P: I sure can help you with that!
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“I don’t seem to get it!”

A4P Guest: I think I was the 20th or 30th person to like your page. I’m one of your earliest supporters. The first time I came to your page, I thought I found an answer to all my questions. It was my morning routine to wait for your posts to read and get enlightened by them. Many times, I was convicted of my sin and cried before God.

But before long, within I will say three or four month, I went back to where I was. I began to sleep around, do drug and many things. Then I “disliked” your page so that it wouldn’t come to my news feed on my Facebook account.
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“That is all!” (Originally posted on Dec. 29, 2013)

“I’ve been a leader of a church for the last 15 years; many minsters listen to me; I worship God everywhere I go; I speak in tongues and prophesy. I lay my hands on sick and most of them get healed. I only have one minor issue: I tend to view porn probably for three minutes a day. That is all.”

If that is what the person says to you when you do an interview to recruit a minister to your church, what would be your reaction?

Won’t you say to him, “What did you just say? Did I hear you right? Did you say: “That is all”?

That is like a real estate agent saying to you this when you visit a house you are thinking of buying:
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