Power of Choice (this was posted on 10/31/2013)

Choosing our action is something that can be looked at very lightly but it is a powerful privilege in this life for us to be able to choose what to say; what to do or even think. But once we make a choice, we can’t choose on the consequences of our choices. That is when it gets a little tricky. We can predict the consequences of some of our choices, like not stopping at the red traffic light. Duh, the consequence will be getting a penalty point and traffic light violation fee. But there are life choices which we have no way of knowing what the consequences will be. So the Bible warns us to make meditation of the Word of God our daily habit so that our actions will only produce nothing but life. ///

Very Funny Question

A4P Guest: So, Missy, I like what you posted yesterday titled “My Berhan’s answer to” but I feel like you wrote it not Berhan himself. Did you write it?

A4P: LOL, I laughed like crazy but I won’t blame you for asking that question. There are very few husbands who go out in public and claim that they are supporting their wife’s vision, call, dream and ministry. And believe me, I won’t take any of my husband’s support and encouragement for granted.

Precious, anything you see in us that is praiseworthy is from God, nothing from us! We know very well where we would have been if it was not for the redeeming power of Jesus Christ. May His name be praised forever!

So, the answer for that question is: Not even a word! My Berhan wrote it and I posted it; God is my Witness.

I took your question as a complement though because I’m My Berhan’s disciple in many respect and if you think that piece is mine, that means I’m a good writer and my teacher, my Berhan, should be proud of himself for making a copy of himself. Don’t you think so? ///