Update about the game

Okay, so far, one more girl has signed in for the competition, Abegail Hun!

Thank you Abegail Hun for signing up and I wish you the best! So far we have five competitors on this game!

And how many people did donate for the cause so far? None!

Guys, please be part of this honorable cause. I encourage you to sacrifice small money for the good cause. Let’s do something that is going to encourage others; without us getting a penny out of it!

I am not going to promise you saying “If we donate $20, we will be blessed by $40.” That my dear creates greed in us. But I will tell you this: We will be blessed in things God eagerly waits to bless us with when we cheerful line ourselves up for the good cause.

If you have kids under your care, make an investment on somebody else’s kids and God will invest on yours.

I encourage you guys to line up for something which gives us a chance to be a blessing to someone so that we can leave a small mark on the life of the next generation. This might be a small thing but not before God’s eye. I don’t see anything I do as a small thing. If giving a cup of water has value before God, the time and money I spend on this will have a big value before Him! It is the same for you.

Appeal for Purity ministry or I get nothing out of this if you in case wondering how this thing works.

This is to encourage the next generation girls’ so that they won’t be afraid to be modest, keeping their beauty, respect and honor.

Will you be the first one to donate to this cause? Thank you! ///