Sexual Addiction and Suicidal Thought

Sexual addiction and suicidal thought usually go hand in hand because sexual addiction is an attack on self (1 Corinthians 6:18). When the attack gets serious, self wants to check out from this life because soul and spirit of the person begin asking, “Where is joy? Where is peace? Where is rest? Where is pleasure?” And they drive the person crazy to the point of ordering him/her to commit suicide.

The only way to escape from this is by repenting and becoming clean before God.

Please don’t listen to the devil. Don’t say “I will repent tomorrow”. There is no tomorrow. We only have “today”. Tomorrow is only found in a fantasy world. Today is the day of salvation (1 Corinthians 6:1-2).

If you don’t do it today, you won’t do it tomorrow.

And please don’t try to do it alone. Didn’t you try multiple times to stop it? Didn’t you fall back to it all over again? What makes you think then that you can do it again ALONE? Seek help from other believers and save your life. Some rejected this kind of warning and they went to their eternal sleep; gone never to be back again. Please don’t be one of them. Run to others for help and rescue your life. ///

(This was originally posted on January 29, 2013 – here it is with few new added points)