Say What?

A4P Guest: I’ve been seeing this man for the last 13 months and he proposed to me last month and gave me an expensive diamond ring. We both are Christians and we were planning to get married next summer. Two weeks ago, I found one text message in his phone from a woman. From her message, I could tell that he was sleeping with her the night before I found the message. When I confronted him, he said, “I am not in love with her. I went to her because you said no to sex.” Now I feel like I need to call her and tell her that he is engaged to be married with me. Do you think she will leave my man alone?”

A4P: Hold on a second and let me read this question again. Maybe I’m reading it backward.
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Our Flesh and Sexual Purity (was posted on 11/07/2013)

But sexual purity doesn’t come natural to our human nature because of Adam’s fall. Our flesh is always inclined more toward sexual immorality than sexual purity. Sexual purity is a “foreign language” for our flesh to understand. It can’t make sense out of it. So, it always rejects it immediately for a momentary pleasure. After all, when flesh is destined to turn to dust where it came from, how can it care about tomorrow or about a lasting pleasure? It can’t! The Bible says: “- – – flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God” (1 Corinthians 15:50).

Now is the only time flesh lives and it soon turns to dust. So it doesn’t care about eternity or tomorrow or not even later.

Only that spirit which is born of God understands what sexual purity is all about. Why? Because sexual purity is all about a lasting pleasure, joy, contentment, rest and peace which are the fruits of the spirit. Well, the spirit, which is born of God, lives on and on forever and ever by rejecting the temporal things for the sake of the lasting ones!

Therefore, the war that is waged in us is always between the flesh, which is willing to lose it all for a momentary pleasure, and the spirit, which is always willing to count all the temporal pleasures as loss for the pure, perfect and lasting pleasure which is only found in God at His timing. ///

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