Mini-sex before Marriage

A4P Guest: “I’m 22 years old and my boyfriend is 27 years old. We’ve been dating now for a year. We both are born-again Christians and involved in our church youth ministry. We embrace the teaching of biblical abstinence and we also teach teenagers in our church about abstinence (refraining from sex before marriage). Even if at times it is tough to control ourselves, we’ve never had sex before and we don’t have a plan to do so before marriage. However we both came to the Appeal for Purity Facebook page recently and became convicted of the fact that we have been engaged in what you call “mini-sex” since day one. We always kiss and touch each other’s body whenever we see each other. We both talked about this thing and decided to stop it but the harder we try; the harder it gets for us to stop. What do you advise us to do to stop this mini-sex addiction which eventually leads us into a full blow sex?” Continue reading Mini-sex before Marriage