“I can’t stop thinking about him!”

A4P Guest: I am 26 years old and so far dated only one guy. I met him in our church and after we dated for five months, he asked me to sleep with him. I told him about my stand, that I didn’t want to have sex before marriage, assuming that we both were on the same page. Well, after that discussion, our relationship was over. It’s been a month now since he last called me. I see him in church but he doesn’t talk to me or anything. Here is the problem: I can’t stop thinking about him! He is always in my mind. Last week, I called him and he didn’t pick up his phone. I texted him, he didn’t respond. What should I do?

A4P: First, I applaud you for saying no for sex before marriage. Good for you! Continue reading “I can’t stop thinking about him!”