“You are a woman too, aren’t you?”

A4P Guest: Why do you always talk about sex? Why don’t you talk about love, heaven, hell, and all those things Jesus spoke about when He was here on earth? What do you call your ministry and what kind of role do you play in the Body of Christ? I’m confused. You are a woman too, aren’t you? What kind of Bible are you reading? The Bible says, “A woman should cover her hair and a woman shouldn’t speak in public.” Why are you going against the Word of God? For how long are you planning to continue doing this?

A4P: This is the kind of question I tend to read five times before I start moving my fingers on a keyboard trying to answer. Why do I take my time? Well, because I want to make sure that I put in place four of my basic principles in addressing questions such as this one. So, here are the principles I want to follow: Continue reading “You are a woman too, aren’t you?”