Who is going to be the Winner of the Day!

Today is the day I give out an amazing gift to the person who is going to drop off his/her nice comment on the last re-post before mid-night (of course on Eastern Time).

If you remember I gave out a gift for the first person who dropped off his nice comment on the first re-post on October 1st.

For those of you who are new for this page, this is what is going on. So, as part of the Appeal for Purity’s one year anniversary, I made a decision to re-post some of my writings starting from October 1st to October 31st. And I made a deal with you all my Facebook fans that I would give out gift to the first person who is going to drop off his/her nice comment on the Oct. 1st re-post. Well, a young man won that prize and I sent him a wonderful gift! He can comment about it here if he wants to, lol.

I also said that I will give out a prize for the last person who is going to drop off their nice comment on Oct.31st (today’s) re-post just before mid-night.

The re-post for today is going to be my number one favorite from all my writings I posted throughout this one year of A4P’s life. I love this writing and I will post it last today. And whoever is going to be the last person to drop off their nice comment on that post will receive a gift from A4P. No joke here!

Remember, your nice comment must be dropped off before midnight,  12:00am (or in military time: 00) in Eastern Time. You can only drop your comment ONCE!

If let’s say five people dropped off their comments sharp at mid-night, I will send the gift to the person whose comment is going to appear the last at the mid-night hour. That means only one person can win this.

I can’t wait to find out who that person is going to be. I will check it out first thing in the morning. Of course I will do that only if Jesus doesn’t come before that or we go to Him. ///