First Date

I am not sure where I found this picture but I like it.
“When are you planning to get married” is one of those “no-no” questions that a girl shouldn’t ask a guy on the first date.

“When are you going to propose to me” is the real question that is hidden behind and pretty much all men know that. And most men don’t want to be asked by a girl like that especially on the first date.
So, young gals, don’t ask this question.
However, if it’s been a while since you’ve been dating a guy and he hasn’t brought up the question, bring it up yourself but only if you’re doing dating in a Christ-glorifying manner, staying away from all sexual sins.
I mean, think about it: Why does a man put himself in a committed relationship where he is going to be held responsible and accountable for all his actions and deeds while he can get everything he wants from a girl without any commitment?
No brainer! ///