“Try Before You Buy?”

Not If You Are Looking for a Marriage That Will Endure Inevitable Trials.

Written by Greg Koukl –


If you want a guaranteed nomination for ­oddball of the year, announce to your friends or co­workers that you think sex is only for marriage. Most view such archaic notions as eccentric and even bizarre. Virgins are made to feel like nerds. If you haven’t “gotten lucky” by age 18, it’s probably because you’re a social reject. Continue reading “Try Before You Buy?”

Sexual Compatibility Test


If you are “testing” sex before marriage to see if you and your partner are sexually compatible, you’re tricked by the sexual message of this dark world.

“Sexual-compatibility” itself is a misnomer since we can’t test somebody’s body sexually, like we taste a good burger, and conclude that we are compatible or incompatible with them. Continue reading Sexual Compatibility Test