“My So-Called Life”


The above link is the wonderful daily radio show of Family Life Today I heard this morning.
What was the topic?

The guest to speak on this sensitive but very important topic was Sara Horn, author of “My so-called life as a submissive wife”.
An exciting book title can’t get better than this, at least for me!
I didn’t read it yet because I just heard about it this morning. After listening to this wonderful, godly and genuine person, I decided to order my copy. Just listen to this unadulterated truth of God on the topic of submission from a wife of one man for 15 years. 
What does submission really mean? How can it be applied on a day to day life? Does a wife have to submit to a jerk husband; to an abusive husband? Is there any boundary to submission? What does the Bible exactly say about submission?
Sara’s deployed military husband of 15 years sent her a text message saying, “You’re more willing to let me live.”
What is he talking about? A military macho guy said that to his wife?
Yeah, listen to it.
There is no “according to the Greek” or “Hebrew” translation. Sara Horn plainly puts the word of God as it is recorded on the Bible so only Christ rightfully, appropriately and legitimately receives all the glory and praise. Don’t miss it and when you can, order your copy of her book. ///