“I Thought I Found That Man”

A4P Guest: I read your blog yesterday about encouraging single girls to marry a man who loves Christ more than he loves the girl he is dating. Well, I thought I found that man and married him three years ago. All the spiritual things I thought he had were nothing but fake. I now don’t even think that he is a believer in Christ anymore. He is addicted to all sorts of Internet filthy stuff and he has no plan to deal with it. As he told me, he became addicted to this thing ten years ago. Had I known about this while we were dating, I wouldn’t have married him but there was no way for me to know that he was addicted while we were dating. And he didn’t tell me even if I shared with him everything about me. 

A4P: So, tell me how you came to know him and what had made you believe that he was in love with Christ more than he was in love with you?

A4P Guest: I met him in my church. I thought he was very spiritual because he used to talk about God 24/7 and if the church door opened for whatever reason, he was there. He missed no church program. He also used to preach in some church programs. I used to be blessed by every word he uttered. He encouraged me to grow in Christ and used to text me spiritual messages almost everyday.

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