“Is This True for Unbelievers too?”

The truth of the matter is: no one can get sexual fulfillment by attending his/her sexual urges outside the confinement of marriage that includes God. People, who seek sexual fulfillment outside the will of God, become slaves to all their sexual instincts. They can’t say “No” to any of their urges. Hunger and thirst for sexual fulfillment takes over their lives and makes them slaves. They get too obsessed as to how they meet their next sexual urges. They browse around from one website to another; from one social media to another with hopelessness and despair. They tend to say, “But I have more sexual desire than any normal person.”
But the truth is, most often than not, they are normal people with normal sexual desire; the difference is, they throw themselves in “the Sarah Desert” as they seek fulfillment without the will of God. They do all sorts of things, but they get nothing out of it.

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