The Pleasure of Sex before Marriage is fleeting!

You know, I love to hear the truth about “sex before marriage” from transparent and authentic people like Allyson Rowe.
“Been there, done that and don’t wanna go back because I now know the truth” kind of testimony touches my heart deep. I mean, people like Allyson Rowe are speaking from experience. They were lied to but God gave them a second chance and they are speaking out to save others from the devil’s lie. Don’t you love these kinds of people? I do!
I wish I heard this kind of testimony when I was a teenager.

If you are a teenager or a single person who is contemplating to give yourself away to someone you are not married to, you are blessed to hear this message. The fact that you run into this message is the sign that God is intervening in your life to spare you from lots of pain and grief. So, listen carefully.
There is nothing in sex before marriage but death (death in the form of depression, pain, sadness, suicidal thoughts, insomnia, despair, stress, hopelessness, confusion, guilt, shame, STD, the list goes on.)
Allyson Rowe, may the LORD bless you! ///