Thank You to All Who Attended the Conference in London

Praise God, I’m home. What a wonderful week I had with the people of God in London!

Before I say anything, I would like to say thank you to many people who made my stay in London a notable one. So, here we go:

I first would like to say “thank you” to the leaders of the ECFC, Ethiopian Christians Fellowship Church in UK (Dr. Getachew Zergaw, Pastor Yishak Tesfaye and Pastor Fasil Belete), who invited me over. May the LORD bless you and yours!

I also would like to say “thank you,” to the whole congregation (including to those who’ve come from different churches and countries like Germany and Norway), who attended the Easter conference from Friday to Sunday and “thank you” to the parents who’ve come out to attend the two-day parents’ seminar and sent their teenagers over to the young-adults’ seminar.

I also would like to say “thank you” to all the young people who’ve come out and attended the two-day seminar. You guys literally stole my heart with your British accent and godly and respectful gestures. You are amazing! I think I regret that I left London without catching that pretty accent of yours, but I thank God for seeing Him igniting the fire of sexual purity in your heart. Your spiritual leaders have surely invested well in your life for me to be able to reap such a good return from the short two-day seminar. May the LORD’s Spirit and power continue working in and through you and your leaders!

And last but not least, I would like to say “thank you” to Dr. Ephrem Sahlu, who has patiently worked with me and my ever changing schedules and ideas since October of last year. Dr. Ephrem, may the LORD bless you, your beautiful wife and your very beautiful four teenage kids. Thank you for making my stay in London exceptionally memorable.

Well, let me share with you the video clip I promised to share. As you all remember, last Sunday was my 19th wedding anniversary and this clip was made to surprise my Berhan (my husband) who completely forgot about it. I was struggling to hold on to my tears. So, I was extremely nervous even if I was laughing and all. My Berhan loved it even though he said, “Aww, you were nervous. Why?” Yeah, he knows me well.

Okay, I have to go now. Hope you enjoy the video. ///

P. S. Hey, BTW, today is April Fool’s Day and I’ve already SUCCESSFULLY fooled my husband and all my kids and I am reminding myself every second not to fall for their pranks but I don’t think I will be successful. Oh, well, I am waiting for them with a “bring it on” kind of attitude.

Another P. S. for those of you who are reading this from your email inbox; you can watch the video clip I’m sharing with this blog by going to the Appeal for Purity Facebook page ( The video is not uploaded on the A4P’s YouTube channel. Sorry if this might cause you any inconvenience.