Asking A Married Woman for a Date

When a man asks a married woman for a date, I don’t think the wise answer for her to reply back to him is, “I’m sorry, I’m married.”

I think that may sound to him as if she said: “Oops! You came a little late! I wish you came a bit earlier than now for me to marry you, not my husband.”

Instead, I think, the wise and godly answer, answer to save herself from adulterous relationship from its inception, is: “You know what? I have no need and want to date any man at all because I found this man and I keep finding myself falling in love with him even after I married him.”

Ouch! That reply will teach him never to mess with any married woman. ///



Had a Wonderful Monday Evening!

Thank you all my Facebook fans who have joined me yesterday night at the Berea teleconference program! Wow! What a turn out! I am so proud of you!  I don’t know about you but I had a wonderful time. May all the praise and glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ.

I would like to say, “Thank You” to my wonderful brother, Daniel Aregahegn, who invited me to his program. Daniel is the host of a program called “A Special Program” which always begins on Monday at 8:30pm (ET) at the Berea teleconference.

Thank you Daniel for having me at your program! God bless you and yours! Though I can’t come to the program next Monday to continue what we’ve started, I sure will come another time.

For those of you who have missed yesterday’s program, here is the link: