“I find it hard to trust my husband”

A4P Guest: I am married to my husband for three years now. We have a one-year old son. We both are born-again Christians. I love my husband very much, maybe more than life itself. I know he loves me. After we got married, he cheated on me with one of his ex-s and I forgave him because I think the girl set him up for it and it was hard for him to go out of the temptation. Now he spends most of his evening hours after he comes from work on Facebook chatting with one of his ex-s. I told him that I didn’t appreciate his relationship with any of his ex-s. Whenever I bring up this discussion, he always gets upset with me and says, “Why don’t you trust me? You always say you love me but why do you find it hard to trust me? I am just chatting with them as a friend.” I am praying but nothing seems to change. I know I have to forgive him for his past mistake because love doesn’t keep record of wrongs but for some reason I find it hard to trust him. What should I do? Continue reading “I find it hard to trust my husband”