Very Interesting Question

My sister and her husband are at “the Weekend to Remember” getaway program for married couples hosted by the Family Life Ministry ( If you remember, my Berhan and I went to this program three weeks ago. Now it is their turn. So, their kids are with us since yesterday night. You can just imagine our Saturday with six kids. Our three kids had an “All Nighter” program hosted by Grace Baptist Church yesterday night. They literally stayed up the whole night. The program starts with a prayer and worship, followed by a short sermon and ends with bowling, skating (rollerblading) rock climbing and laser tagging as they go from one place to another by bus for the whole night. Yeah! This program comes only once a year and all our kids die to go!

Anyways, they just came back from there and you can just imagine; their cousins want them to stay up and they want to stay up too but they look like zombies. I try to keep all of them up so that they enjoy each other’s presence.

While I do that, I opened my laptop and saw one question which was dropped off in my inbox yesterday night and that question caught my attention. So, the question goes like this: Continue reading Very Interesting Question