GPS of Our Life

GPS (the Global Positioning System) is a system that tells us where a certain address is located on this earth. We enter the address of our destination and the GPS will show us exactly how to get there. It gives us a step by step direction.

GPS has been around for sometimes now but haven’t you seen people who have GPS on their phone or car but don’t even know where they’re driving to? Continue reading GPS of Our Life

Treat Your Wife Like a Queen

I see the last A4P Tweet made some people a bit emotional and I want to say a word or two about that before others totally miss the message as well.

Here is the Tweet: “#‎Strive to treat, honor, respect and love your spouse like a king or queen so that you be ‪#‎right before ‪#‎God.”

Since “Treat your wife as a queen” is the one that makes some emotional, I will concentrate on that one but the main message is applicable to both.

When I read this tweet, which is by the way a clip from my message, it made me think this way: Wow, this tweet makes the Word of God easy for many of us to swallow it without seeking a glass of water or orange juice. Continue reading Treat Your Wife Like a Queen

Glad to be Different from My Husband

I am personally like to do things according to “the book” whether that book is my mother’s way of making bed or my communication class instructor’s way of presenting a speech. Throughout my school year, which is almost 90% of my life so far, I studied my books from cover to cover and do more study to get the highest grade possible. I used to study the whole night getting only two or three hours of sleep.

Well, my Berhan, on the other hand, has his own book to follow when it comes to doing life. When it comes to school, he doesn’t like to study. Period! The big issue his parents had with him when he was with them was that he didn’t like to spend time with his books as much as they wanted him to. However it is very hard to find in his grade report anything less than A. He is naturally brilliant. That was a mystery for his family, all his instructors, classmates and friends throughout his school years, from elementary back in Addis to university here in Maryland. Continue reading Glad to be Different from My Husband

Weekend to Remember Getaway

My husband and I came back yesterday afternoon from the three days “Weekend to Remember” getaway the Family Life Ministry hosted here in Baltimore, Maryland.

I don’t know if there is any word or phrase that can describe our experience.

We were overwhelmed throughout the program! Yes, we called it “a Mini-Honeymoon weekend”.

We were in the hotel for three nights but it felt like three minutes. We laughed, cried and were speechless many times; just looking at each other’s eyes without saying a word. Continue reading Weekend to Remember Getaway

Give thanks to the LORD

Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good.
His love endures forever.
(Psalm 136:1)

Wow! Yes God is good and His love endures forever!

Here we’re given another new day, another opportunity, to give all praises, glories and honors to Him alone.

So beloved, let’s gather together in the house of the LORD with our friends and families to give thanks to Him alone. ///

Question About VOA came Up in the middle of the Interview

As you all know, My Berhan and I are planning to celebrate the Valentine’s Day this weekend. So we’re getting ready to head out to Baltimore to take part in “the Weekend to Remember Getaway” for married couples with the Family Life Today Ministry folks ( I can’t tell you how excited I’m. I’m a bit spent so it will be a good opportunity for me to relax. Continue reading Question About VOA came Up in the middle of the Interview

The Shortest Sermon

“Womanhood” was the title of my teaching I prepared to deliver last Sunday in the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Atlanta. But as I told you last time, God had another message for His people and He took over the program.

Oh, let Him take all our future programs! I love it when He does!

So, the Sunday morning service sermon was interview! Pastor Tolossa interviewed me about my ministry and the pervasive nature of sexual immorality. After that, he gave me the mic and asked me to say few things for four or five minutes.

I thought I spoke for two minutes. Well, I guess I spoke for almost 12 minutes. I watched this program yesterday and find it to be very concise but to the point. I loved it. I am sure you will love it too. Listen to it carefully so that you won’t miss the main message! ///

The User’s Manual

There was a two hour school delay today because of the snow. So, I just came back home after I dropped off my kids to school.

While I was driving my youngest kids to school, I noticed the annoying warning yellow light being flashing on my dashboard. The sign looks like a screwdriver. I didn’t know what it was but I saw this light in the past, probably three times. But every time I see those different lights flashing on, I tell my hubby saying “I think there is something wrong with my car.”

My sons always ask me, “What is this light mom?” Continue reading The User’s Manual