Question About VOA came Up in the middle of the Interview

As you all know, My Berhan and I are planning to celebrate the Valentine’s Day this weekend. So we’re getting ready to head out to Baltimore to take part in “the Weekend to Remember Getaway” for married couples with the Family Life Today Ministry folks ( I can’t tell you how excited I’m. I’m a bit spent so it will be a good opportunity for me to relax. Continue reading Question About VOA came Up in the middle of the Interview

The Shortest Sermon

“Womanhood” was the title of my teaching I prepared to deliver last Sunday in the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Atlanta. But as I told you last time, God had another message for His people and He took over the program.

Oh, let Him take all our future programs! I love it when He does!

So, the Sunday morning service sermon was interview! Pastor Tolossa interviewed me about my ministry and the pervasive nature of sexual immorality. After that, he gave me the mic and asked me to say few things for four or five minutes.

I thought I spoke for two minutes. Well, I guess I spoke for almost 12 minutes. I watched this program yesterday and find it to be very concise but to the point. I loved it. I am sure you will love it too. Listen to it carefully so that you won’t miss the main message! ///