All-or-None Principle

While I was tossing and turning around to fall asleep yesterday night, all of a sudden I remember something.

I remember that I forgot to mention one piece of information in yesterday’s post. Yes, I wrote about my experience with alcohol but I forgot to mention that-that night was my very first and last experience with alcohol. From that night on, alcohol had never touched my mouth.

But is missing that piece of information going to change anything from the story? Does it change a thing about the fact that I was lost in the river of my sin? Not at all! Whether as an alcoholic or a person with one night experience with alcohol, I was lost and destined to go to hell. Continue reading All-or-None Principle

Totally Blew it . . . but Because of them I was Rescued!

At last, I managed to convince all my older siblings to take me with them to an over-night party. I convinced them that I was old enough to go with them to one of our cousins’ graduation party.

I was sixteen, and I thought I was the oldest and wisest person in the whole wide world. Whenever someone asked me how old I was, I used to say, “Almost seventeen” even while I was sixteen years and one month old.

Taking me to a party was the last thing on my sisters’ list. Are you crazy? Let me ask you: Do you take someone who is going to put you in trouble later? I don’t think so. Continue reading Totally Blew it . . . but Because of them I was Rescued!

Whether there is snow outside or not, it is Sun-Day today! And I love it!

Wow! What a week! May the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ be praised! Let His Name be famous in and through us forever!

May His name be praised forever for the victories He gave us this past week! What a joy to be with Him! What a privilege it is to wage a war in His Name!

And today is the beginning of another brand new week. And, don’t you want to start your week in the church? I do! Church is always in the heart of Jesus. He died for Her and soon to come to take her, to make her His own forever.

We may not find a perfect church; actually we will never find one perfect church that meets all our needs, requirements, criteria and everything else. If there was a perfect church, Jesus wouldn’t need to die on the cross. He died because the church needs a Savior. Continue reading Whether there is snow outside or not, it is Sun-Day today! And I love it!

Questions on the post titled “Sex on Skype”

A4P Guest: . . . . If a couple can’t be together to have sex because of immigration problem, why don’t they use Skype? Instead of burning from sexual desire and be tempted to . . . in this way they can protect each other . . . . When you do not know in what situation this couple is, how can you judge them for using Skype as their sexual outlet? Do you think they prefer to do it on Skype? I think the problem is this: We have hard time to understand others’ problem when we do not experience the problem ourselves . . .

A4P: Use Skype for what? Continue reading Questions on the post titled “Sex on Skype”

Roe V. Wade – 01/22/1973

01/22/1973 – The day America legalizes abortion in all fifty states – so far 56 million babies lost their lives in America; that means 137 babies an hour.

I love to hear the truth about abortion only from women who went through it because they judge nobody; they just tell what it is; as it is.

As always Focus on the Family ministry had a wonderful radio show today and I heard it on my phone since I was busy when they aired the program. I already shade my tears with these wonderful women and it is now your turn. Here is the link:

Wow! Who can tell a woman not to count the age of her baby’s age; the baby she didn’t give a chance to live???? No one! ///

Narrow Gate Vs Wide Gate

A4P Guest: My friend suggested to me to like your page few weeks ago and I’ve been reading your posts since then. I like the topics you are raising and I thank you for that but sometimes I feel like you are a bit too strict about some of life issues such as kissing before marriage and similar topics. Why?

A4P: Because I only strive to talk about the narrow gate, not about the wide gate:

“Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” Matthew 7:13-14 ///


Making our lives as an open book to our brothers and sisters in Christ, praying, reading and meditating the Word of God  and hiding it in our hearts and minds will keep us all from danger.

As the Word sharpens our mind and spirit, we become wise enough to seek only that which brings life, joy, peace and rest to our soul, spirit and body.

That is what the Bible calls “WISDOM.”

Listen how the Word of God advises a young man to use WISDOM to stay away from adultery: Continue reading WISDOM!