Question about “Let Your Child Live” Post

Question about “Let Your Child Live” Post

A4P: A4P Guest: I have a question on your post, “Let Your Child Live.” That kind of post puts judgment on those who have already done abortion. You see, some people didn’t do it knowing that it is the act of murdering a human being. Some were forced to do it because of different reasons. You have no idea what the woman went through. So, please, don’t write that kind of post again. We are called to comfort others, not judge. We are called to tell others about God’s forgiveness not to judge them. Continue reading Question about “Let Your Child Live” Post

Let Your Child Live!

Abortion stops a heartbeat of a human being God created in His own image and likeness; a human being God said, “I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb.” Jeremiah 1:5.

Don’t put your baby to death! Don’t let them take away your child from you. It is the devil who says, “Get rid of the baby so that your life will be better.”

It is a lie! Your life won’t be better after you shade innocent blood. You may make a mistake and sleep outside marriage but God doesn’t make a mistake. It is God who brings a human being to this planet with a specific plan and purpose; not sex. Let your child live! ///