Glad to be Different from My Husband

I am personally like to do things according to “the book” whether that book is my mother’s way of making bed or my communication class instructor’s way of presenting a speech. Throughout my school year, which is almost 90% of my life so far, I studied my books from cover to cover and do more study to get the highest grade possible. I used to study the whole night getting only two or three hours of sleep.

Well, my Berhan, on the other hand, has his own book to follow when it comes to doing life. When it comes to school, he doesn’t like to study. Period! The big issue his parents had with him when he was with them was that he didn’t like to spend time with his books as much as they wanted him to. However it is very hard to find in his grade report anything less than A. He is naturally brilliant. That was a mystery for his family, all his instructors, classmates and friends throughout his school years, from elementary back in Addis to university here in Maryland. Continue reading Glad to be Different from My Husband