Question About VOA came Up in the middle of the Interview

As you all know, My Berhan and I are planning to celebrate the Valentine’s Day this weekend. So we’re getting ready to head out to Baltimore to take part in “the Weekend to Remember Getaway” for married couples with the Family Life Today Ministry folks ( I can’t tell you how excited I’m. I’m a bit spent so it will be a good opportunity for me to relax.

Yes, our Bible and notebooks are going with us, excluding our gadgets. Above all, we are planning to take our “teachable spirits” with us so that when they point out our flaws, we will be ready to own it and learn how to correct it.

You see, standing behind the pulpit won’t automatically entitle me to be a good wife and give me a good marriage. I need to WORK at it. I need to sit under the feet of those whose life is being changed by the Spirit of God. I need to learn from those who let the Word of God permeate their marriages and lives.

I’m already enjoying their emails which command (not suggest but command) husbands how to treat their wives before the program starts. The first instruction is where to drop their wives. Husbands are ordered to never take their wives to the parking lot but to drop them at the Hilton Hotel door and open the door for their wives and let them in. I mean, I am extremely excited to spend time with like-minded people.

But I have to tell you this: Well, it is my husband who surprised me with this invitation like four months ago. All of a sudden, one Saturday morning, he is like, “Hey baby, I want to take you to the Weekend to Remember getaway which is coming up next year in February in our area.”

I was like, “What! I love it! I want to!”

After that day, I’ve been thinking and praying about his weekend. So, I’m thinking of going there and learning as much as I can so that I can be a good wife to my kind husband. However there is one more thing I’m planning to do other than learning to be a good wife. I am planning to go and see how I can do this kind of program among my people.

Somebody said, “Well, Habesha doesn’t like to pay money for such a service.” Well, we paid around $480 to attend this program. If somebody wants to get this kind of life changing experience for free, I mean, they must be out of their mind. So, some people may not be willing to pay but not all. So, I will definitely plan something similar to my people so that we can gather together and learn in our own language and culture how to do marriage according to the Word of God. When we do that, we can build our marriages and churches together so that our children will have a safe environment to grow up in. I’m already thrilled with the idea itself.

Well, before I set out to my Valentine’s Day weekend getaway, I want to share with you the entire program of last Sunday morning service at Atlanta. I know I already shared with you the twelve minutes long message but as some people suggested, I decided to share the whole interview including the short sermon.

I have to give some heads up though. As you all know, I am not a language person. Almost a third of my sentences have grammar or sentence structure mistakes, such as “many people NEEDS our help” (in English) and “as the Holy Spirit hovers over Mary” (in Amharic), LOL. My grade in language had never been good anyways. I hope you guys will forgive me for that. Other than that, I think you can take something out of it. Pastor/Dr. Tolossa asked me excellent questions. His sense of humor made the message easy for many to take it in. My gosh, I have never seen a pastor as funny as Pastor Tolossa. Make sure you don’t miss hearing the nickname he gave me. May the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ be praise! He alone knows how to changed our stained name to another beautiful one!

Yes, he too asked me about the issue many people are talking about, the issue which was aired on VOA.

Okay, I’ve got to get going now. May the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all! ///