For those of you who are voracious readers out there, here is a wonderful book to read: “Hero.”

And guess who wrote this wonderful book? Fred Stoeker! Yeap! Co-author of “Every Man’s Battle” and author of “Tactics”.

“Wow” is all I can say about “Hero!” I just finished it. I destroyed the book with my highlighters and side notes. It is a fantastic book!

And guess why I loved it? Well, it is written for men! Continue reading “Hero”

A Thought I never knew Existed

I believe that every Christian who wants to lead a praiseworthy life must have a disciplined life; a life that is mainly marked by prayer, reading and meditating the Word of God and fasting.

Well, when it comes to prayer and reading and meditating the Word of God, I think I’m okay. But when it comes to fasting, well, that is a different story. If I was graded on fasting, I will get, without any question, straight F. Continue reading A Thought I never knew Existed

Shocking Reality of the Condition of my Heart

While I was waiting in line for the cashier to pay for my items, I saw a beautiful chap-stick hanging on the side of the isle. I looked closer to see the flavor and I immediately realized that it was an orange flavor. I mean, I love orange and anything orange color steals my heart instantly.

So, I picked it up but didn’t want to put it in my shopping cart thinking that it would fall between the holes of the shopping cart. So, I held it on my hand until my turn. Continue reading Shocking Reality of the Condition of my Heart

Eulogy to my Nephew Messayei

I have known Messayei since he joined my brother’s orphanage, Pefan almost twelve or thirteen years ago. He came in as a ten or eleven years old boy. Messayei grew up in Pefan, very close to his father, Fish (my brother). Messayei had always been a very loving and caring person. Last time I saw him was last summer when I was visiting my parents in Addis. My parents always called for him if something didn’t work in t Continue reading Eulogy to my Nephew Messayei

My Journal Entry of Monday, December 28, 2009 at 5:21am

Sometimes when I feel a little down or lose interest to pray and worship God or don’t want to do the work of God, I tend to go back to my journals and flip some pages and read. I just did that few minutes ago. God encouraged me as I read some of my entries from 2005.

Some of my entries go like this: God spoke to my heart saying, “this and that.” Oh, I can’t tell you how much those entries encourage me. Continue reading My Journal Entry of Monday, December 28, 2009 at 5:21am


Last Sunday, our senior pastor said, “This week is a week you bless everyone you run into. Or, call someone and when they pick up the phone, don’t even say “Hi” or anything. Just pour a blessing on them.”

I love it! So, this morning, I decide to bless you. Since A4P Facebook page fans are diverse, I want to write my blessing to a group of people:

To Married Couples: Continue reading Blessings!

Do not Deprive Each Other

A4P Guest: “I live abroad, almost 19 hours flight far from my wife and two kids. It’s been now eleven months since I saw them. I decided to to come here where I’m now to do my masters in Psychology. I got full scholarship from a prestigious university and the company I work at is covering all my living expenses. So, I didn’t want to miss this opportunity. My wife first was excited but after she heard that it is going to take me two years to finish the course, she was not happy at all. Continue reading Do not Deprive Each Other