His Unchanging Love

Our little son is the one who usually comes up with a biblical question which makes our brains hurt.

“Is God fair?”

You may say, “Duh, God is always fair.” Well, if you say that, let me ask you this: If a plane crashes and a loving husband of one woman and a father of four little kids die but another loving husband of one woman and a father of two survived, is God fair for both families for the second family? Tricky! Tricky! Continue reading His Unchanging Love

Our Sexuality

Satan always works hard to take away our love and devotion for Christ Jesus. And to do that, he targets one thing from our life and that is our sexuality. He uses anything to get us stumble in sexual sin so that we deny our Lord Jesus Christ by the way we live. Satan knows that there is no sin like sexual sin which has power to take away our “first love” from our heart and make us enemies of the Cross. Continue reading Our Sexuality

Concern and/or Question

“Somebody invited me to your page like a month ago. I read some of your articles and I think I like some of them but whenever I read what you’ve been writing about men, I sometimes cringe a little because some of the things you are saying, things such as “most men are colorblind” don’t represent me nor men in my life. So, I can’t help but think if you are saying those things about the men in your life than men in general. And if so, I think it is wise for you to say, “The men in my life are colorblind” or something similar. So, let me ask you “Are you talking about men in your life or men in general?” I hope you won’t get offended by me asking this question. Continue reading Concern and/or Question


The Bible verse I meditated this morning is not leaving me alone. I think I will find rest if I share it with you all.

Before I let you know of the verse, let me give you a background of the story. On the Book of Numbers, chapter 7, God told Moses to accept gifts from every tribe of Israel and give those gifts to the Levites who can use them according to their assigned responsibilities in the tent of meeting. Continue reading Kohathites

First day of school for our kids!

Well, it is not that exciting day for me! I got up at 4am because I was a little, well, emotional to see my kids going to school today. They stayed with me for the whole summer and today, they have to go.

Yesterday, we wanted to have a small party and we went grocery shopping to brighten up our night. Then at the checkout, the cashier said, “So, are three of them your kids?” Continue reading First day of school for our kids!

“Are you tired?”

Through the hard day of work, one thought carries a husband and brings him home. That thought is this: “Sex is in store for you at the end of the day.”

After a husband finishes his task for a day, the one thought that remains with him is SEX! He is very happy that he is able to provide to his wife and kids but above all, he enjoys that sex is included in the package. Whether his day is good or bad, he loves to comfort his soul by saying things like, “Sex is in the menu.” Continue reading “Are you tired?”

Hello everyone

Once again thank you for all who bought my first two teaching CDs last Sunday. Some of you ordered not one or two CDs but more than 15. May the LORD bless you! Please pass it along! Don’t keep it to yourself! Give it to anyone who can understand Amharic.

If you came to the IEEC (International Ethiopian Evangelical Church) at DC last Sunday and didn’t get a chance to get those CDs, I want to let you know that the Appeal for Purity’s (A4P) table will be in the IEEC lobby. We will be there the next two Sundays after both morning services. As always, please support this ministry as you buy the original CDs directly from A4P’s table or from A4P’s official website: appealforpurity.org by clicking “shop.”

Thank you!
In Him, Missy.