My Journal Entry of Monday, December 28, 2009 at 5:21am

Sometimes when I feel a little down or lose interest to pray and worship God or don’t want to do the work of God, I tend to go back to my journals and flip some pages and read. I just did that few minutes ago. God encouraged me as I read some of my entries from 2005.

Some of my entries go like this: God spoke to my heart saying, “this and that.” Oh, I can’t tell you how much those entries encourage me.

Some of my entries are tough for me to read. I just cried a lot when I read one entry which read “I don’t even know what to write.” I cried because I remember the moment I wrote that sentence.

Oh, my friend, God is FAITHFUL! All the time! Whatever situation you are in, call His Name, JESUS, and He will rescue you! He rescued me multiple times! All my yearly journals are full of His Faithfulness! I encourage you to have journal.

So as I read some of my journal entries of 2009 few minutes ago, I found this entry (the picture I attached with this post). The truth I wrote that day came off of the page and entered my soul in a very unique way and stirred me up to desire to live for Jesus. So, I want to share it with you. You never know; God may use this short journal entry to speak to your heart; that is my prayer when I post this. I prayed for you, for you who are called a Child of God, so that you too will also be stirred up to show to this watching world how much you love Jesus by the way you live for Him. Pay close attention to the Bible verse.///

P. S. I covered the top three or four lines not because they are secrets but they are my daily routine journal entries of “I woke up and took my kids to a Christmas show and blah, blah, blah – – -.” I think you don’t want to read that because it won’t benefit you in any way. I didn’t make any correction to keep the originality of it. So, forget the grammar and sentence structure. The date you see below that entry is my next day journal entry. After 2009, I began to write my daily journal entries on my laptop but for some reason, I love to read those I wrote on a paper.