Bible Study!

Don’t you hate to go to a Bible study and somebody reads a passage from the Bible and says something like, “Okay. So, tell me. What do you all think about this passage?”
And the question goes in circle, one saying, “Well, I see this passage this way” and the other says, “Well, I see it that way,” and the other one says, “Mine is a bit different from both of these people because I see this passage this way.” And yet another one will say, “This verse reminds me of the message of Prophet so and so. He said,” (talks about half an hour).

By the time the round ends, the passage can mean any thing but what the Bible says.
Very sad, isn’t it?
It is sad because the Bible speaks for itself.
Let’s do one, simple and short Bible study today. Yep! Here, on this page.
Let’s read one Bible verse.
“All that the Father gives Me will come to Me, and the one who comes to Me I will certainly not cast out. ” John 6:37
What is this verse saying?
Remember, there is no, “Well, I see this verse this way and that way.”
What I am asking here is, what is the verse saying, not, what do you think or feel about the verse.
We can study this one verse by asking the verse itself different questions and finding the answers, not in our tiny-puny brain, but in the Bible itself. Very easy, is it not?
Let me start:
Okay. So, who is speaking?
Jesus Christ, I said that because in verse 35, it says “Jesus said to them” and verse 37 is the continuation of that.
Who was Jesus speaking to?
To the people who were following Him. I said that because from verse 22 to 25, we read how the crowd was looking for Him and how they found Him. And Jesus was speaking to this same crowd.
Very easy!
Okay, so, while asking different questions, we eventually need to ask this question: What is the message of this verse for us?
(We usually miss the message of the Bible when we approach the Word as a PhD candidate. If we approach it like a first-grade student, the message becomes very clear to us.)
So, let me ask you, what is the message of John 6:37? ///