In the Wake of the Coronavirus

This is a kind of message that needs to be heard now not only by those who are far from God but also by those of us who profess to know and worship God.

We are no more considered as honorable people just because we faithfully go to church because the church is becoming a den of robbers, thieves, liars and sexually perverts. The church itself is a comfortable place for people of this dark world. They sit in the pew and enjoy “entertaining messages from an entertaining preacher.” When they come out from the church service, they say, “You see, that is why I like this church. You come and enjoy yourself and go home. The world itself is a terrible place to be. I don’t want to come to church and feel terrible too.”
That is why they get bewildered with the message of, “Sex is created to be practiced only between one man and one woman in the confinement of an institution called marriage.”
In the wake of the coronavirus, their preachers are the ones that filled the social media, guess what to say?
“Let’s kick the devil from our planet. We have power and the preacher adds, “God showed me the virus on my hand and told me to squish and get rid of the coronavirus from the face of the earth.”
Very sad reality of our time!
What a timely message is then this man is sharing with us!
Let’s REPENT! ///