We Dedicate Our Marriage Anniversary



Today, Friday, March 27, 2020, my husband Berhanmeskel Tenkir Banko and I celebrate our 23rd marriage anniversary.

We praise and thank God for it!

Our kids left the house for us and went to their cousins’ so we can be alone. We appreciate them very much.

However, while we hear the news about how people we know very well are getting admitted to the ICU because of coronavirus and how others are losing the battle with coronavirus, how can we celebrate on this day as if we lived on a different planet?

We can’t!

So, my Berhan and I decided to “celebrate” our 23rd marriage anniversary a little differently than all our past anniversaries.

In this hard and trying times, one couple, Daniel Endalalu and Feben Tena, lost their 22-year old young and handsome son, Dawit Kebed, last Tuesday, March 24.

This couple cannot even take time to cry with all their friends and families because of coronavirus. And this, I am sure, makes their loss feel even worse.

Oh, may God see them through this!

From the day we heard this news, my Berhan and I have been thinking and praying for this family. We don’t know them personally but their loss wrecked our hearts as parents of young people.

So, we dedicate our 23rd marriage anniversary to this family, to lift them up in prayer to God. We also made a financial contribution to help them with the funeral expenses.

And Berhan and I want to share the link with you all and encourage you to financially support this family.

Helping others who are suffering during this time is a great blessing from God. So, please take part.

No gift is too small. Please give whatever you can give.

May the God of comfort comfort this family and all the families whose loved ones are still fighting for their lives and the ones who have lost the fight with coronavirus!

Oh, compassionate God, please remember us all in Your grace and mercy, in Christ’s name. ///