Wedding is not marriage

Wedding is a ceremony, and marriage is a ministry. These two are very different things. Wedding is a one-day deal and after that, it is gone, done, finished, “finito”! Whereas marriage, it is a lifetime commitment.
Here in America, “50 billion dollars a year is spent only for wedding ceremonies. One million copies of bridal magazines are sold each month” (from “Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts” – by Parrott and Parrott).
Regardless of people spending billions of dollars on their weddings, one out of two marriages are still ending in divorce.
Hmm! It made you think, didn’t it?

Wise are the couples who invest on their marriages way before they get married as they buy and read together books about marriage and attend premarital counseling sessions together, not to get validation for their relationship but to see if they are meant to be together for life. ///