Sex Positions

Regardless of our belief or religious affiliation, most of us are curious about sex positions. We want to know if there is any other sex position we know nothing about. If we are religious people, we want to know which sex positions are considered “holy” and which ones are considered “unholy” or “sinful”. Sure we want to live for God and we want to do the next right thing.
In the book of Song of Solomon, the book that mostly talks about love and sex (the best book that pictures the love and oneness of Jesus and His bride, the Church), we find more than one place where “sex positions” are implied; Song 2:6; 8:3 and 8:6a. Other than these verses, I don’t know if there is any other Bible verse that deals with “sex positions”.
You may ask: “Why didn’t God list all the biblically accepted sex positions in the Bible?”

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