My number one Favorite A4P’s Fans are – – –

My Book and Fraol

– – – teenagers! Why? I live with three teenagers, day in and day out! These “creatures” of God always keep you young with their fresh perspective in life; with their creative way of coming up with a seamlessly silly idea which is a solution for a big problem. I love them very much! If you misunderstand them, of course, they will totally drive you nuts! Their language is obviously different from us, adults, but if you hear them carefully, they are actually communicating something very important, such as what is going on in their hearts. When you want to be close to them, they push you away but at the same time, they need you to be close to them. I know that is paradoxical but that is how these people roll!

Anyways, our next contestant for the competition is a fifteen year old, and I have to add, a handsome and fine young man from Bloomington, Minnesota.

His name is Fraol Bekele.

Listen to his favorite quote from my book: “Seek to Know your God more than last year or the year before”.

Did he read my book? Are you serious! He devoured it! I’m telling you! This young man is a real deal!

My prayers are with you, Fraol! I pray for God’s gracious hand to be on you, young man! May the LORD continue burning your heart with His love! May the LORD help you keep guard of the truth you found about your sexuality! May the LORD help you never to give in to sexual temptations! But if and when you miss the mark, may the LORD remind you of His unending mercy and grace He lavishly make it available to you through the Blood of Jesus Christ! May the Spirit of God give you strength when you can’t keep on keeping on! May the LORD help you focus on His greatness and power rather than on your weak and feeble body! May the LORD help you put your confidence on Him alone, not on your will-power! Oh, Firaol, may the LORD make you the hope and help of other young men who are hurt and wounded by this world and the devil! In the Name of Jesus I pray, Amen!

What more do I need from my book “Beyond the Fairy Tale” other than for it to go and invade and captivate the hearts and minds of young people to live for the glory of God? NOTHING!

Well, coming back to the competition, Frezer Zegey, from Maryland, is still leading in the competition with 297 likes.

So, if you want Fraol Bekele from Bloomington, Minnesota to win, “Like” his picture! I wish I could put one thousand likes before his picture. I guess I can’t.

If anyone wants to take part in this competition but doesn’t know anything about it, read here:

If you didn’t order my book yet, here is the link:

My book is not in Ethiopia yet. If and when it gets there, we will let you all know on this page. So, stay tuned.

Fraol, I wish you all the best! ///