“Beyond the Fairy Tale” – Book Trailer!

When I received the shipment from my publisher, I opened the first box and fell on the floor. It was like a childbirth kind of experience. I took out one book, kissed it many times and I wanted to cry but at the same time I wanted to shout and laugh! I held my book tightly close to my heart and fell before my God and my Lord who saw me through the tough road of writing a book. It was a long and at times very trying journey but through it all, God stood with me saying, “Fixed your eyes on Me and keep going!”

And that is exactly what He helped me do! I fixed my eyes on Him and kept going!

My Berhan, oh, my! My husband, I can’t tell you how many times he “collected” me from the floor saying, “I know you can do this! You can’t quit here now! You can do it! Get up!”

My kids, oh, my! They are my unbelievable cheer-leaders! “Mom, think about it! None of our friends, even American friends’ parents published a book!” That was their way of encouraging their mama! They walked with me till the end!

So, to you, the Appeal for Purity Ministry fans, it is with great joy and pleasure in my heart that I am sharing my very first book! Starting from now, you can order your copy online (www.appealforpurity.org/storefront/).

For those of you who live in DC area, join me tomorrow at the International Ethiopian Evangelical Church in DC (IEEC, DC). I will deliver the Word of God at both Sunday morning services; the first service beings at 9:30am and the second service beings at 11:30am. You can find my book, “Beyond the Fairy Tale” in the lobby of the church right after each morning services.

Would you help me spread the word by “SHARING” the book trailer video clip with others? Thank you so much guys! You have no idea how much I appreciate your help and support! May the LORD bless you and yours!

In Christ alone, Missy.