Another plea to encourage you all!

If you especially have young kids as young as 12, this book will be an excellent resource to fight the fight that is raging against our kids and families. If you’ve ever wondered how to initiate a difficult conversation, such as sex and sexual orientation, with your kids, this will be a great tool.

We have to lock our hands together and protect our kids; rescue the next generation from this furious enemies of our soul!

Please buy this book! The war is on! And the best way to fight back is by discipling the next generation. This is a small contribution to help parents and church youth ministry leaders fight for our children.

If I ever get a chance, I will give the full testimony of this book, how the sponsors appeared from nowhere to support it when I was asking God how to fund it.

My friends, God is behind this vision. The current news we hear and listen to is a testimony of how timely His provision is.

Order your copy today! Don’t say, “I will do it tomorrow!” There is no tomorrow my dearest! Today is the day! ///