Sexual Problem in a Marriage

A4P Guest: I’m married with one child.

A4P: Okay.

A4P Guest: We’ve been married for the last three years. Throughout my married life, I have never experienced any sexual pleasure.

A4P: What do you think is the reason?

A4P Guest: My husband asks me to do things which I feel very uncomfortable to do but I do it anyways for the sake of my marriage. And I always carry with me this heavy burden in my heart that takes away my sexual feelings and desires. I don’t pray anymore and I don’t go to church that much often.

A4P: Did you try to communicate this with your husband? Did you tell him that you are not enjoying any part of the sex? Continue reading Sexual Problem in a Marriage

A Woman, assuming Authority over men?

A4P Guest: The Bible says that a woman should not have authority over men. You are not allowed to teach in the church since doing so is like assuming authority over men. Can you help me understand this?

A4P: Wow! My friend, you missed my call big time!

God didn’t call and anoint me so that I would assume authority over men; or over women for that matter; but over the power of the darkness! I’m (by the way, you too, are) called and anointed to demolish the network of the devil; “to put down arguments that sets itself up against” the truth of God; to walk over the devil’s territory and take over that which doesn’t belong to him! Oh, you missed my calling big time! My authority is over the power of the principalities who work in the dark. Continue reading A Woman, assuming Authority over men?

Mirrors I Adore

I am not sure how many mirrors you have in your house but in my house, you can find at least one mirror in every room. Well, let me take that back. Only those rooms I spend most of my time have mirrors.

Why? I love to look at myself! I don’t think it is sinful for a woman to look at herself in the mirror to take care of herself; to keep herself neat, clean and beautiful. My husband is my number one motivator to take care of myself because he compliments me. I mean after all, I’m his bride; I’m his crown (Proverbs 12:4); I’m his glory (1 Corinthians 11:7). So I better look pretty for him.

And my mirrors usually help me to earn, a “You look pretty Baby” kind of compliments from my loving husband. You have no idea how I love to hear those words from him! Duh! He is the only man I want to impress every day! Continue reading Mirrors I Adore

From Minneapolis back to Maryland


Hello, to you all the Appeal for Purity Ministry Facebook page fans!

Did I miss writing? You bet I did! Whenever I travel, other than missing my loving husband and kids, writing is the one thing I miss the most!

Well, I had a wonderful time at Minnesota! I was one of the speakers invited to speak at the 9th annual United Youth for Christ (UY4C) conference.

As usual, before I tell you anything about the conference, I want to say thank you to the people who invited me over and made my stay in Minnesota a meaningful one.

I would like to say “Thank you” to Pastor Endiryas Hawaz, the senior pastor of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church in Minnesota (EECM), the hosting church pastor. Continue reading From Minneapolis back to Maryland

Happy Memorial Day!

Many thanks to our God for the brave men and women who sacrificed their lives to keep this country the land of the free we enjoy today!

May the LORD pour out His love, mercy and grace on their wives, husbands, kids, friends and families. //


To Stay Closer or To Stay Far Away

If a fire starts in our basement, do we run away for our life or do we chill around?

No brainer! We sure run away for our life.

Let’s say, we couldn’t run away and we called 911. From the following two possible questions, which one are we most likely going to ask the 911 operator who is going to answer our call:

“What should I do to get closer to the fire?” Or,

“What should I do to stay away from the fire?” Continue reading To Stay Closer or To Stay Far Away

“I have abnormally high sexual desires”

Some people who struggle to break free from porn addiction and other forms of dangerous sexual practices think that they have more sexual hormones and urges than many people.

As some child development experts assert, if a child cries looking for comfort from his mom, and if his mom repeatedly gives him cookies in response, the child learns at that early and informative age that eating gets rid of unwanted desires. Continue reading “I have abnormally high sexual desires”